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The Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation is dedicated to programs and projects that promote financial literacy and independence among lower income individuals, families, entrepreneurs and small businesses. We donate Intuit software and resources to empower people, and the organizations that serve them, so they can achieve better money outcomes.

Financial Empowerment

For 30 years, Intuit has been guided by a simple mission: to improve the financial lives of our customers. And while you may not immediately recognize our company’s name, you’ll find millions of homes and businesses using our products — TurboTax Free File Edition, QuickBooks and Mint, to name a few. IFFF donates these products to the low-income and underserved, and the nonprofits that serve them, to help simplify their lives and solve their financial challenges.

TurboTax Free File Edition

What's this?


What's this?


What's this?

Tax Help for Your Clients

Help your clients prepare and file their tax returns on their own for free with TurboTax Free File Edition, the product Intuit donates through the IRS Free File Alliance and 20 state alliances.

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Small Business

Help your entrepreneurial clients manage their finances with donated Intuit software and free online resources for starting and growing their businesses.


Non-Profits Organizations

Help clients budget and manage their money with Intuit's personal finance software. Empower them to determine eligibility for EITC and other credits with our free online benefit calculators.


Personal Finance

Help to manage your nonprofit more efficiently. See if your nonprofit or B corporation is eligible to receive QuickBooks accounting software and other products for at little or no cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Intuit is committed to give back to the community by sharing a measure of our business success through philanthropic and public service initiatives. The Intuit Tax Freedom Project is a national corporate initiative dedicated to sharing Intuit’s particular expertise and product innovations in online tax preparation and electronic filing with those in our society who are economically disadvantaged or underserved.
TurboTax Free File Edition supports tax forms. Go to www.taxfreedom.com to see the complete list of accompanying schedules supported by TurboTax Free File Edition.
No software is needed. TurboTax Free File Edition is provided as an online service. Taxpayers will need a computer and an Internet connection to access TurboTax Free File Edition at www.taxfreedom.com.
TurboTax Free File Edition uses advanced security technologies to ensure that taxpayers’ information is kept safe and private. As taxpayers answer questions, their data is stored securely on Intuit servers, where the program performs all the necessary calculations and determines which tax forms need to be filed. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.
Yes, taxpayers must check to see if the return has been accepted by the tax authorities. It takes about two days for federal returns to be accepted; up to five days for state returns. They can check to see if their return has been accepted by logging back into TurboTax Free File Edition at www.taxfreedom.com.

Once the return is accepted, the tax authorities assign a confirmation number (called a Declaration Control Number, or DCN). The taxpayer completes the e-filing process by mailing the required signature forms, and payment vouchers within one business day after the return is accepted.

The TurboTax Free File Edition interview process helps the taxpayer print the electronic filing paperwork, including forms, payment vouchers, mailing instructions, the Electronic Filing Checklist, and any other required forms and instructions.
Select QuickBooks software products are made available for free or at a deeply discounted price to qualified organizations through various donation channels.
Intuit is committed to helping organizations serve their clients by providing a wide range of software products. The products we have selected to offer are those that have been identified as best suited to the needs of organizations.
If you need to, you can obtain further details about product features and functionality directly from the product’s website quickbooks.com.
The QuickBooks Learning Guide is for instructors to introduce students to QuickBooks. The guide contains 15 lessons with step-by-step instructions and illustrations that make it easy to learn to use QuickBooks. Each lesson includes a list of student objectives, handout materials, and review activities. This publication is available for download at no charge within the Instructor’s Resource Center (which you can access after you acquire a Site License).

For additional support, you can access built-in help features and product manuals within QuickBooks. You can also visit the QuickBooks community forums, for further help.
For questions about the product, contact the tech support team listed in the product documentation or visit product website for further tech support options. For questions about the availability of products TechSoup carries, please contact TechSoup. For all other matters, we welcome questions and feedback about your experiences with the Intuit Product Donation Program. Email us at intuitempowers@intuit.com with your questions or comments. We review every e-mail message that comes in, and we’ll take action when required.

Due to the heavy volume of e-mail messages we receive, we will do our best to respond in a timely manner; please allow ample time if you require a response.