TurboTax All Free

Free Tax Prep and Filing

Through the Intuit Tax Freedom Project and Intuit’s participation in the IRS Free File Program, Intuit donates online tax preparation and electronic filing services with TurboTax Free File Edition to individuals and families who meet the eligibility criteria listed below. More than 33 million state and federal returns have been donated since this program began in 1998.

Through IRS Free File, taxpayers can prepare and file their state returns for free with TurboTax Free File Edition if in 2018, you and your family:

Earned $33,000 or less


Qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit


Were Active Duty Military & earned $64,000 or less

As a trusted member of your community, your organization can help others prepare and file their taxes for free with Intuit’s donation of TurboTax Free File Edition. Here’s how:

Add TurboTax Free File Edition to your menu of services

Simply add https://turbotax.intuit.com/taxfreedom/ to your organization’s website. Visitors can click on the link and access TurboTax Free File Edition from anywhere they have access to a computer with an internet connection. It’s that easy!

If your organization already provides free tax assistance to the public, designate a few computers onsite to help people use TurboTax Free File Edition on their own with coaching from volunteers. Please send an email to Ellen_Evans@Intuit.com if you would like more information on how IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITAs) programs and other organizations across the country are doing this already.

Train your volunteers and prepare your site

Below you will find a sample training guide you can borrow from for your own volunteer training at your VITA site, sample taxpayer information to test how Turbo Tax All Free works, tips and tricks on how best to navigate through the product, and sample taxpayer envelopes with checklists so the taxpayers you serve leave with all the right paperwork!

Track the number of taxpayers served using TurboTax Free File Edition

Not only does TurboTax Free File Edition help those in your community, it can help your organization as well. by using a Site Identification Number (SIDN) obtained from the IRS/SPEC office, you can easily keep track of the total number of returns filed by people clicking on the link on your site, clicking on a promotional email blast you sent out, or by using TurboTax Free File Edition on one of the computers you set up at your site. To find out how to get an SIDB, click here.

Promote the opportunity in your community

Customize our email templates and social media tools (available here) to quickly and easily promote the availability of TurboTax Free File Edition in your community.

Connect with other organizations using TurboTax Free File Edition

Click here to contact us and learn more about how others are using TurboTax Free File Edition across the country.

Access Intuit’s other product donations

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